15 November 2004

Who ARE These Unpatriotic Buffoons?

Asia Pacific Media Network :: US: 'Apology for Bush win' website is a big hit

Don't you people understand the concept of living in a republic? Don't you understand that by "apologizing to the world" for our freely elected president you continue to debase our country in the eyes of the world? What ever happened to "One Nation Under God"? Obviously you have bought into the false notion of "Two Americas". I wasn't happy at all with President William J. Clinton, but I didn't apologize to the world for him. He was my president - he was elected by the people of America, and I lived with it.

George W. Bush is your president. You don't have to like that fact. If you want to be an American, you do have to live with it. Next time, maybe your guy (or gal) will win. Until then, remember that we are Americans first.