08 February 2006

I have a new favorite browser

I never thought I would move away from IE, but I'm quickly falling in love with a new browser. No, its not Mozilla's FireFox. At one time I thought that might be a good alternative to IE, but it is riddled with bugs and just gets worse all the time. The browser I'm loving a lot lately is Opera. It has a ton of great features, but the ones I like best so far are:

Tabbed browsing: not a new feature per se, but I love the way they have implemented this. Each tab has its own set of back, forward, refresh and close buttons. Each tab also has its own address bar and search bar. Excellent!

Integrated email, news, rss and all that.

Easy to scale pages larger and smaller - great for reading small text on a large monitor.

Lots more - check it out for yourself!

There are some downsides - a lot of sites are still written for IE only, but I think that is changing for the better. (Note: the Blogger editor seems to be IE only - what a shame).