09 August 2005

According to a recent report by George Barna, Most Adults Feel Accepted by God, But Lack a Biblical Worldview:

"...in spite of the fact that most Americans consider themselves to be Christian, very few adults base their moral decisions on the Bible, and surprisingly few believe that absolute moral truth exists. These are among the findings from a new national survey conducted by The Barna Group among a representative sample of 1002 adults. "

The Church in America is a mess. Maybe the whole Church worldwide is a mess too, but I can't comment on that because I don't know enough about it. I do know about American Christianity, because I'm part of it.

"Overall, then, just one out of every six adults (16%) claim they make their moral choices based on the content of the Bible."

This is not surprising, because most adults have hardly read the Bible, let alone understand what it says enough to base a moral choice on its contents.