09 August 2005

Notorious Muslim Cleric flees Great Britain

In the London based "Times Online", notorious Muslim cleric Bakri Mohammed stated that he is forbidden by Islam to inform police of any known planned terrorist attacks:

"In the telephone interview, Mr Bakri Mohammed said that he would return to Britain to clear his reputation, adding that he had never committed a crime. But the cleric reiterated his belief that it would be "against Islam" for him to inform the police of any terrorist attacks that he knew were being planned in Britain."

"I say publicly, Islam forbids me to report any Muslims, even if he is oppressive, you see, to the British police," he said. "Islam forbid me, that don't mean I know about crime."

This should be a warning to the American government (as if they don't already know). Muslims are forbidden by their religion to inform against other Muslims. Regardless of what some American Muslim leaders claim, we should base our understanding of Islam on how the majority practice it.