10 November 2006

The Red Herring Redux

Hello Janet,
Charles Cherry sent you this message from Meetup.com:

You said:
"But before I do so, let me quickly dispose of a potentially confusing side issue, which is the validity of the supposed "tax fairness" argument itself. Though I chose not say so in my letter to the editor, I reject this argument regardless of who advances it. It's a red herring."

With all due respect, you cannot throw out a statement like this and expect it to stand without scrutiny. And, unless I am mistaken, you are about to use my call for an educational voucher system using taxpayer funds as an example of hypocrisy. If that is the case, then the issue of how I understand the
current tax situation is not a red herring, it is central to my argument.

"Though I admit it amuses me how much you sound like the Libertarian Atheists I know."

I can't claim to be Libertarian, but I am a conservative on many political issues. If our issues and arguments occasionally overlap, then that just proves that neither side has a corner on the truth.